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Thread: USB loader GX max hard drie size?

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    USB loader GX max hard drie size?


    Whats the max hard drive size you can use with this loader? I have read the posts that show HDD compatibility but they all seem to be pre-made external enclosures.

    I already have an external enclosure with a 3.5" 80GB SATA drive in and want to upgrade to maybe 1TB

    Any reccomendations of make/model for internal drives?

    PS can you use 2.5" drives that can be powered directly from the Wii USb port as opposed to using/needing an additional power socket?
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    Some people have had minor issues with the larger 1.5TB+ size drives, others have them running flawlessly. There are compatibility lists here and here to give you an idea of what will work and what won't. Usb-powered drives work great, I have one myself. WD's have a high success rate, as well.
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    I use 1 TB one.. works just fine.. =]

    perfect ^^

    PS: probably more than 1 tb is stupid stuff... you will never get more than 1 TB of games... (I still trying to fill mine >.< lolz)

    I think 1 TB is the max you should buy...

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    @LinkFox - thanks m8, what drive (make/model) have you got?

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    well.. sry for not knowing much right now about it...
    i'm at a friends house... and it's in my house...

    ok.. what i know:

    1 TB 7200 RPM USB 2.0
    I think the brand is WD... ill check in the internet and try to find it..

    Ok I fond.. this is the seller page:
    Western Digital Hard Drives
    i have the "MyBook" one...

    well i'm very happy about it =]

    just remember you need external feed...

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    I would highly suggest one of the Western Digital Passport essentials. I have just about every fun or good game around on my drive and it is plenty big enough(300GB/Passport 320GB). Not to mention the drive has no issues with any of the USB loader etc. so you can work with anything without issues. Not to mention Newegg has them ranging anywhere from $59.99 to like $179.99 depending on the size. I think I gave $79.99 for mine. Awesome drive couldn't ask for better not to mention it's USB powered so no extra wall plugs and it super small!


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