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Thread: i need help

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    i need help

    im trying to update hbc and install bootmii, what is the easiest way to do this without connecting my wii to the internet, i have downloaded hackmii_installer_v0.6 and was wondering if i could just swap files on sd card or uninstall hbc first the install the new version.
    all help is greatly appreicated.
    and merry christmas

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    Everytime i got on homebrew channel on my wii or any other i softmodded it promped me to update. Being connected to the internet is the way to go, if not the files need to go on the sd card as instructed to run any version of hackmi installer, and just run it.

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    Just extract the hackmii installer to your sd card and run it through the sd card menu. HBC will install over the older rev.
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    cheers i thought so but just wanted to check

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    Locked as answred. Merry Christmas !!!!


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