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Thread: Loading Hackmii from SD card causes Wii to restart

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    Loading Hackmii from SD card causes Wii to restart


    I ran some weird [FreeTheBug].wad on my softmodded 4.1 Wii and it completely screwed up my Homebrew Channel. I can still run USB loader and the likes from the regular systemmenu though.
    To fix the Homebrew Channel issue I decided to "reinstall" it by running HackMii Installer v0.6 from the SD card just like you normally would when softmodding a Wii. However, instead of loading the Hackmii stuff when clicking channels off the SD card, the message with "Load boot/elf?" and "if you paid for this you've been scammed etc." comes up but then it just restarts the Wii.

    So basically I can't run the Hackmii installer from my SD card because it just keep restarting my Wii.
    Any solutions?

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    try a different private file

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    I tried a different private file, it didn't help, I appreciate the help though.
    I deleted all content except Apps and Wads on the SD card and copied only "boot.elf" from the Bootmii 0.6 installer to it. It didn't restart and I could proceed with doing a fresh "reinstall" of the Homebrew Channel. Works smoothly once again.
    Problem solved.


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