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Thread: Advantages D2B or D2C drive

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    Advantages D2B or D2C drive

    I have a D2C drive. I'm thinking of getting a pre-modded D2B drive and then selling my D2C drive to re-coup some of the cost. Is there any advantage of the D2C drives over the D2B's? Why does a pre-modded D2C drive cost more? Is it only because it's harder to mod?

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    i dunno if you should get the d2b board, the only reason i can see now is that the d2b board can use the wiikey mod which is cheaper then the newer mods. But if i where in your shoes i would keep the d2c and get the d2pro9. btw i do have a d2c board and have modded it with the d2pro9,

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    d2pro9 installed is $90 from us. i dont think you will save much in buying a new modded board and then selling ur current one. you will pretty much will be paying to downgrade your wii


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