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Thread: Problem New Super Mario Bros with Neogamma ( DVD error 1053) Old Wii Firmware 4.2E

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    Question Problem New Super Mario Bros with Neogamma ( DVD error 1053) Old Wii Firmware 4.2E

    Hello Everybody.

    The last 6 months i was busy with softmodding Wii's.
    but now the game new super mario bros was released there was a problem,
    I heard a new security on it and so further.

    the problem that i have is that i have a wii that i have bought in 2008. i updated it to 4.2E and softmod it. it is having Neogamma and every burned game works.
    Only New Super Mario bros doesn't work.

    I have downloaded the scrubbed version of New Super Mario bros and burned it on 2x speed on a verbatim DVD+R. when i put the disk in the wii says it has an dvd error 1053. so i can't read it. I have looked everywhere but the most solutions are that the wii has a new drive. but mine is very old. so that can't be the solution. i burn with IMGBURN.

    I Don't know what to do anymore so i hope someone can help me or can say me what to do with it?

    with Kind Regards,


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    we have the exact same problem!

    only just installed neogamma though, and this was the first game tried but the same disk error came up.

    i'll download another game and see if that works.

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    The new super mario bros has it's little twists. Did you patch your main.dol file? You'll need to patch that file and insert it back in the ISO using WiiScrubber and another patch program. I'll look it up if you didn't patch that .dol

    Remember to use IOS249 rev 14 and NeoGamma but no rebooting, just start game from dvd.

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