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Thread: Any Working Wii ISO Dumping tools?

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    Any Working Wii ISO Dumping tools?

    I'm looking for a dumping tool to extract a Wii ISO; I have seen traces of a program called WiiTools, but it seems long outdated and I can't seem to find a working download.

    Is there such a program available at the moment? WiiTools or other?

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    Ok dumping and extracing are 2 different things. Dumping is ripping a backup off an original disc. You would need a special drive to rip a game (theres 5 drives I think) and rawdump is what I used back when I did that. Extracting is taking several iso downloads and piling them into 1 iso image. You would use winrar for that.
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    Sorry, I guess I was a bit vague.

    I have the ISO; I do not need to rip the disc.

    I want to extract the contents of the ISO for potential hacking/editing of the game, with a program that can extract these contents (and then perferably also put them back in Wii ISO format when I am done)

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    Did you download several downloads or was it a torrent and only 1 iso file? When downloading several files, they will be in rar format if you have winrar on your pc. You would then use winrar to extract them into your actual iso file. If you downloaded 1 file from a torrent, then you would already have the iso image. Right click it and go to properties and the correct size should be exactly 4,699,979,776 bytes. You can then use wiiscrubber to open up the iso into partitions. You can pull out ios' from the game and install them via wad manager. You can do other things using wiiscrubber as well.
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    I'll give this Wiiscrubber a try, and see if it is what I am looking for. Thanks.


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