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Thread: WODE Install Video!!

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    Exclamation WODE Install Video!!

    Looks like guys have made a WODE install video.

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    did you get your wode already?

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    The WODE is a God send for the 3.2 drive owners! Still though, a HUGE investment into those molds to make the WODE. Im sure it will pay off if there's enough distributors. Maybe it will be on the shelves of Best Buy? lol... seriously though, I waaaant one.

    Another great thing I see about the WODE is it's MUCH safer than soft modding.

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    This is awesome.. Quick and "clean" install (aka reversible ).
    Can anyone confirm the ability of running backup DVDs on D3-2 boxes?
    Also any news on ripping original DVDs?

    But again, very impressing!

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    wode is for usb loading only...

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    WODE can rip and play from USB and can also load using the Flat WODE mode as seen in the video which is basically booting a burnt DVD.

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    o rly works with D3-2 drives? so cool

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    Read over on the WODE forums that was an error on his part (the installer) saying which drive he was using.

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    so does it or does it not work on d3-2?

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    Quote Originally Posted by messie View Post
    so does it or does it not work on d3-2?

    with d3-2 / d3-2(v2) , you can only play originals on the wii dvd drive... and also rip just the actual data ( not the filler) to hard drive

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