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Thread: Wii wont even start up

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    Wii wont even start up

    hey guys this is my first time on this forum and i was using 3.3e version and i wanted to play new super mario bros wii and updated the wii's firmware to the latest. But when i tried to start up neo gamma it hangs so i hold the power switch on the wii for 4 sec and it went off, and when i try to turn the wii back on, it did not even turn on and the red light on the power button isnt there.

    The wire was not touched or anything, but the power button shows that no electricity was there i dunno how to fix it can anybody help??

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    You basically ran inton the same problem my sister had. You didnt brick your console, ill start by saying that. You shouldnt have ran the disc update though because you just load your softmods and will need to do that all over again. My sister (who doesnt mod her system at all) had a problem where she unplugged her console to move it to another TV but when she plugged it back in, she had no light, no power, no nothing. I told her to leave it unplugged for a few hours and then try again and it worked. Give that a try. The problem with neogamma is what I said above. Running a disc update (same region as your console) wont brick the wii BUT if will mess up your softmods. It might not mess everything up but basically youll need to redue everything that doesnt work right. You still have neogamma but you cant actually use it. So you would need to reinstall all your cios. Another thing that happened is you went from one system menu to another. 3.3 firmware uses a different ios than 4.1 as 4.2 uses a different one also. So its very possible that you would need to completly rehack the console using a guide made for 4.1.
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    erm sure thanks and btw i didnt update thru disc update, but i updated via the internet update. i tot that i brick my wii (thanks for clerifying that it isnt bricked) and i will update you if it work or not thanks anyways.

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    2hrs i tried but still no light at the power button gotta try it tmr and jason when u mean unpluged, do u mean taking out all the wires connecting the wii?? pls ans asap ty=)

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    The wii has a fuse in the cord. Usually unplugging it for a while will fix the problem but it could need to be replaced. Unplug from the wii and the wall.

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    oh ok im just gonna plug out all of the wire connecting to the wii and gonna sleep for the night. Good night and merry christmas to everyone =) 26 dec here =)

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    thanks for the tips guys=). It was the fuse, anyway i sent it to a shop to ask them to hack my wii for me and add in the usb channel for me as im a noobie in this =(


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