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Thread: Syncing Help with Wii - Bootmii/Preloader

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    Post Syncing Help with Wii - Bootmii/Preloader

    Hi all,

    I have seen similar topics but never quite the same, so I decided to try my luck and ask if anyone had a solution.

    I have a softmodded Wii with both Bootmii and Preloader on it; Bootmii boots first and I can control it with the Reset/Power buttons, but if I select 'Wii' it boots Preloader.

    Now the problem is my Wiimote will not sync; I believe you need to be on the Wii menu for a sync to work and I cannot access it - Is there not some program I can run from Bootmii to bypass preloader, or allow syncing of the wiimote?

    Also, I do not have access to a GC controller without serious importing. (Located in South Africa, and there are none to be found here )

    Thanks to any replies,
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    Ok the reason bootmii is booting at startup is because you have an sd card in your wii that has the bootmii folder (with 3 files inside) on it. It will boot up everytime. What I did was take those files off that sd card and place them on a seperate sd card and use that card only for bootmii. On your sd card you would have a bootmii folder which would have 3 files inside it. Those are the files that cause bootmii to start up. You would also have a nand bin file on the sd card if you ran a nand backup. Also if you installed preloader version .30, it will also boot up everytime even if you have autoboot set to wii system menu. That was 1 of the problems with that version. Try installing an older version (which will overwrite your current one) and set autoboot to system menu and it should work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jasons34 View Post
    Try installing an older version (which will overwrite your current one) and set autoboot to system menu and it should work.
    Thanks for the reply.

    I actually have .29 installed - however it is set to autoboot on preloader. How can I change this without a controller? That's my problem. I wish you could control preloader with the buttons on the Wii like you can with Bootmii...

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    with non syncing you can use a gamecube controller for the wii to go down and change it to autoboot from system menu then you can sync.

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    Hi, I have the same problem today. I softmoded a wii and configured it to autoboot wiiflow. Now I can get wiiflow and preloader, I have no motes synced with it. I'm wondering if we could find a diagram on which buttons go to which pins. We just need to press the A button on the GC controler? In priiloader thats what I was hoping anyway.

    Nevermind the controler isn't that simple. This sucks tell you what its christmas. If you dont get yours solved PM me and addy. I'll hook you up when I'm done with the controller.
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