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Thread: Freeze Problem: Tales of Symphonia - Dawn of the New World

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    Freeze Problem: Tales of Symphonia - Dawn of the New World

    I can start this game with usb gx loader and uloader with no problems.
    It seems to work fine but after I finished the fight against Lloyd in the dungeon, I need to go through a tunnel. But if I go through the tunnel the game freezes up. I replay the scene again and again - still freezes.
    The intro of the game freezes too! (I skiped it so I can play)
    I can play the game with no problem till that tunnel scene.

    I tried to start it with ISO 249 and 222 - didn't work
    My other games just work fine with usb gx loader =/
    I also checked if the game has something special about it - but that's not really the problem.

    If you have any idea what I could do please reply -thx

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    sounds to me it is a corrupted iso. Try launching it with neogamma, it is the only one that works for me for this game. if nothing, then try redownloading it

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    I tried to load it with neogamma but everytime I do the screen gets green =(
    Do I need to change settings or something?

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    apparently its off-region.. try messing with the force pal/ntsc settings of neogamma. also, what firmware are you on?

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    I got 4.2 E.
    I can't get rid off the green screen =(

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    what region is he game?

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    the game is a pal version.
    my wii is pal too.

    *I tried to start it with neogamma with different Forces pal/ntsc - still green screen =/
    Why does the game start with no problem on usb gx loader??
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    messie I reput it into my drive and it worked!
    thanks ;D
    but this time i used a updated version of WBFS Manager.
    Well it works now with no problem!


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