I have a Korean Wii that is bricked to death (until some genius can find a way to fix the NAND or find another exploit).
I have an opportunity to buy a 2nd hand Japanese console that has been modchip (not sure which one of wiikey, drivekey or wasabi...). The guy says I can play copied games without problem. He has HBC and something to use USB external key (drive?). System Menu is english.
Price is a bit more expensive than what I was looking for, but well, it's christmas
The only concern I have is: am I taking a risk to buy this Japanese Wii? WHat question and check should I do on the Wii? Is there a DVD iso I could use to run some check on this Wii (I think he will let me try it)?

Thanks a lot.

PS: I might open my Korean Wii and switch the modship in order to explore a potential un-brick method.