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Thread: Can Game Updates Brick SoftModded Wii's? (New Super Mario Bros.)

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    Can Game Updates Brick SoftModded Wii's? (New Super Mario Bros.)

    I have a Bannerbombed Wii on System 4.1U. I know about all of the 4.2 Bricking issues. In order to play New Super Mario Bros. Wii, I am required to install a game update from disc. Could this be problematic and potentially briock my Wii? All help is greatly appreciated.

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    generally it wont hurt to update, tho you will need to rehack the wii after that. Exception is, if your wii is a korean one, then you will brick. another option tho is to install priiloader and block disc updates

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    Just to add more info, NSMB has a firmware update of 4.1. Since you are already on that firmware, it will only update ios'. The reason why your getting the update screen is because you either dont have ios53 installed OR have it installed but the game has a newer version of it. If you wanted to bypass the disc updates all together, do what messie said and install preloader (priiloader) and set it up to bypass disc updates. That might not help you play the game though as you would still need to install the ios wad file. You can easily find that ios on this site. Youll want the ios thats for NSMB and not just the old ios53.
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    and dont upgrade from Out of Region Games


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