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Thread: need good dump for bt module

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    Lightbulb need good dump for bt module

    cant find it on net, did someone read eeprom from bt module?

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    Quote Originally Posted by danilonop View Post
    cant find it on net, did someone read eeprom from bt module?
    What? I don't understand.
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    you mean bluetooth dumping? is it even possible?

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    yes, I repair it with good dump readed from working wii bt module & I didnt find anywhere on net.
    I bay bricked wii but it still dead, I repair now bt module & now turn on whit remote but I get blank black screen again.
    I think thet it hasnt got bootmii/boot2 because I find mod chip actel proasic3, and after update it was bricked. Now drive not working driver on it is too dead 41224, looking any solution to repair this wii & use sd or usb drive for games if I revive it anyway. I have programmer but not adapter for this samsung flash but if there is no other way to repair I will bay it. But problem every dump is unequal .... any solution?

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    sorry but we dont speak the same language i reckon.. if yo could have someone whoa ctually speaks english tell us what you need, then you would have an answer

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    As I told I read eeprom 24c32 from good wii bt module & reprogram my eeprom & now I can power wii whit wiimote, but it has black screen.
    I check my dvd on working wii & it works, need make NAND flash somehow reprogram whit programer but need help because cant copy it from other wii, every wii has dump of main flash different in some way.


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