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Thread: virgin wii agina

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    virgin wii agina

    sorry for being a pest but i have fw 4.2 and i bought rock band and my controles wont read i just want to make it a virgin aging can anyone plz tell me what to do thanks. can i just do an update frome nintendo to fix this

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    lol u cant update from nintendo, it might brick it and btw ur FW is 4.2=newest so u cant do it even if u wanted to.
    -and do u mean the guitar controllers dont work or regular controllers? never played rockband but only 1 usb port seems to work if ur using a usb instruments or something.

    dont know if this is what r u looking for but check it out:
    So your Rock Band instruments won't work?

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    ive seen that one thinks.. no my wii remotes work fine but my rock band works through usb i have tryed everthing ive seen on here it will not reconize them they light up but the indicator light for what player you r dose not come on.. i thought hacking it would b a good idea but i dont really even use it i would be fine if i could just take it back to factory..


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