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Thread: Probs with IOS when modding Wii

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    Red face Probs with IOS when modding Wii

    I have been snooping around the sight looking for a thread for my problem. I have used dogeggs tutorial to soft mod my wii and everything went smoothly.
    I told a friend about how easy this mod was and he asked me to do his wii. I got homebrew on it alright but when I try to install the IOS 38,50,53,55 and neo gamma it returns an error ( -1) or something to that effect. I guess my question is this, are the wiis all different? because i have had complete success on my own wii but not with his. I know it is better for him to do it himself so he knows what is going on but I thought I would help him out as I had success with my own wii. any suggestions would be fantastic.


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    It seemed that way to me when i first did my first few wiis. I was using another guide on another site and although things worked out, i always felt like i was rolling dice to do it. Since i been here i have done 4 or 5 and it has always been a very stable process with the same outcome. Even though following directions and stopping to make sure you reread is a must, I also think it helps when you understand what you are doing and since i been here, Understanding has been alot easier as there seems to be a guide for just about every aspect of modding.

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    better is that when u mod the wii make sure that the version is the same as urs or whether it is ntsc,pal or ntsj(japan).. as if the system version or different region sometime it will cause effects but if it is usa then no prob unless different version..


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