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Thread: Can't update because of shopping channel?

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    Can't update because of shopping channel?

    I am soft modding a Wii on 3.1u and tried to update to 4.0 and I keep getting

    Downlaoding " Shopping Channel", please wait....

    "Downloading content #36... ERROR! (ret= -1)"

    I am hoping it is down or something and not on my end but can anyone tell me what it means?

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    Fresh from the error index.

    SD/USB Loader Error Hardware not recognized. Most likely have a cIOS installed incorrectly, out of date, or missing. Possibly formatted the SD card or USB incorrectly, is unsupported, or not enough space.

    Q. I have formatted the device correctly and have cIOS 36 rev 8+ but I am still getting this error; how would i fix this?
    A. Be sure to have the device hooked up to the Wii before you power it on. You may lack USB support as well. Installing cIOS38rev14 would clear this up.

    Wad Install Error Most likely have a cIOS installed incorrectly, out of date, or missing. If a file was needed, then it was not in the correct folder. If you are using cios38rev14 installer, put ios38-64-3610.wad file in the root of the SD card. Each programm needs its files in specific folders, so pay attention to that. Can also be a bad wad or not enough space on the Wii. Possibly formatted the SD card incorrectly.

    edit: btw, are you using dogegg's guide? Which guide are you following?
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    If you go to the tutorial section there is a thread that has the new shop channel and the ios needed to run it. Install both those using wad manager and then try your update again.
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    Yes. I was using dogeggs guide. I had a 2GB Sandisk and I had read somewhere that it was a good card for this...not sure.

    I followed the guide to the letter. I properly formatted it in fat and there looked to be enough space. A third try seemed to work and it just did not have the issue the first two did?I erased everything on the Wii and the only thing on the cards were the necessary files to mod it so I thought it was all good. I am using a small laptop so sorry if I did not see the error index before and the question was dumb.

    Thanks for the tip Jason.


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