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Thread: Question to soft modders who play online

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    Question to soft modders who play online

    Just to put a few things straight in my mind before I go crazy. Do any 'softmodders' without mod keys or without game updates here play online using Nintendo WFC with games like Mario Kart or Exicite truck/bots?

    I just can't get mine to work and the only thing I can think of is that softmodders who can't update there game can't connect to matches online.... Or maybe it's just my console that doesn't let me >_>

    And if you do please let me know your console version and what loaders you use.

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    You can play games online. Firmware version doesnt matter either. Im still using 3.2U and have played mario kart online.
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    I can play my ligit copy games perfectly fine on the wii (mario kart wii, SSBB, Pokemon Battle revolution (this game is full of asshole douchbags with eather hacked pokemon or no life playing it)). I also play my burned copys is Guitar Hero Metallica, 5 and modern Warfare Reflex online perfectly.

    GH5 through disk channel by installing one ios
    GH: Metallica and modern warfare reflex through neogamma backuploader R7. No settings modified.
    The Beatles Rock Band through Neogamma R7, nothing modified (although burned onto a dvd+r so it crashes. Disk could not be read)
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    Mario Kart works online perfectly with a 4.2U softmod

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    all my games work fine online,using a softmodded 3.2E,although PES 2009 did ask for an update when tryin to connect online.


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