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Thread: western digital 500 gb question

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    western digital 500 gb question

    does anybody know how to format a western digital y passport essential 500 gb into a fat32 because i cant? can someone tell me how please?

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    Use windows disk management. Go to administrative tools, then computer management then you will see it. Select the drive and either format the whole drive to fat 32 or create 2 partitions one being about 1 gig. Make partitions primary and active. You will then format your large partition to WBFS with WBFS Manager 3.0

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    hey another question is how do i make partitions i i dont know how

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    When you select your drive you will want to select create new partion also you should give your partions drive letters like x and z. There is a button that says change partion name or something like that.

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    Or you can do it the easy way and download EASUS Partition Manager [free] and let that do it for you


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