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Thread: Need Help With NeoGamma Asap!

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    Exclamation Need Help With NeoGamma Asap!

    Okay, i have NEOGAMMA R8 BETA 7 IOS249

    And until now i have had no problems running backed up games, up till today.
    I just tried the game "Avatar", and the game when i try to run on NTSC, as it loads the screen goes black and that's about it its dead.

    When i run it on pal, the game actually loads, and its playable, except the screen is always shaking, moving up and down, and there's lines.

    Please help me fix this problem, thanks a lot !

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    have you tried r8b14?

    i dont know about avatar but since its a new game you might need the latest NG

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    what is r8b14 ?

    and by NG u refer to neogamma ? and how do i update my neogamma ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kici View Post
    what is r8b14 ?

    and by NG u refer to neogamma ? and how do i update my neogamma ?
    neogamma r8 beta 14... you can download it and replace the new boot.dol with the old in the apps folder.. theres a neogamma r8 beta 15 also you can try. Do you have cios 38 rev 14? theres also a cios38 rev 15 you can try, but i heard it was buggy?

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    Ok thanks I will try to add the new neogamma since its the simplest way. I followed a tutorial and that's why I'm kinda lost, I'm new to this and sorry for that. While in the meantime I try to find a sd to install the new gamma any other answers are also appreciated ! Thanks


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