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    Question Quick question?

    I just got a wii yesterday, FW 4.2u, its all modded and im using the latest NeoGamma to run games. It is safe to go online? Will i get banned? Also ive read a couple posts of people saying it could brick the wii? I know this has probably been asked a million times, but I just wanted an up to date answer. Thanks in advance for any help ^_^

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    You won't get banned for playing online with backups but using Cheat codes and hacking online might.

    As for bricking, just follow these tips and you'll be OK:
    -Turn off WiiConnect24
    -Do NOT Accept ANY Updates
    -Do NOT Mess around with your IOS
    -Have some brick protection; Priiloader and bootmii as boot2 (if you have a console made before mid 2008)

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    Going online is safe, just don't use cheats to hack online. Getting caught doing that will get you banned. Taking an online update is probably what you were reading about bricking people. You're on the latest firmware for now, but when new ones get released you'll want to avoid them.
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