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Thread: Christmas Eve Sleeping Habits

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    Exclamation Christmas Eve Sleeping Habits

    Hey you guys! I just wanted to know how everyone will struggle with sleeping before the BIG DAY!!! My Xmas Eve routine is the following:

    1.Try to sleep... FAIL!
    2.Play DS
    3.Get bored
    4.Watch TV
    5.Worry about not being able to sleep
    6.SLEEP YAY!!!
    7.Dang it!!!... Wake up at 4 oclock
    8.Stay up for 2 hours
    9.Wake up my sisters and parents
    10.The moment of truth.... PRESENTS!!!!!!!

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    My Xmas Eve sleeping habits go as followed.

    1. Work.
    2. Come home, send kids to grandma's
    3. PARTY!!!!
    4. Sleeporz.
    5. Go have dinner with family and open gifts.

    Not really much great for me anymore.
    I never get that Shelby GT 500 I always ask for.


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