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Thread: Mario Kart Wii Problem

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    Mario Kart Wii Problem

    I have a problem with Mario Kart Wii.

    First some info:
    I'm using a fairly old Wii (Not sure about Chipset) with D2Pro something chip.
    The system menu is version 4.1, I have followed the softmod guide for 4.1 >
    It has BootMii, Priiloader, NeoGamma and Gecko OS 1.9.3.

    What happens is that after I launch Mario Kart from ANY of my launchers (including normal disc channel) I first see the health screen, then theres nothing, it's black and everything is unresponsive.

    I know that it's not a disc problem, since it worked before when I was using 3.2 (Although, the problem first occurred on 3.2)
    Then i lost my disc and had to reburn it. After that it didn't work for some reason. I've tried re-burning it several times after that and I know it's not the .iso since I used the same .iso that I used the first time.

    Help please? ^^

    Do anyone know a fix for this?

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    Is it impossible to fix it? o-o

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    You don't at anytime remember making a copy of the iso to try and run a patch on it? maybe you did and after you burned it accidentally deleted the wrong iso.
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    I'm quite sure that's not it.
    I re-downloaded it, but it was the same site/file.


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