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Thread: WBFS Manager 3 cancel clone?

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    WBFS Manager 3 cancel clone?

    Hello everyone apologies in advance if this question is in the wrong section.

    I'm currently doing a HDD clone operation on my laptop, I've got about 180 games to go and its taking ages, so long in fact that I don't think it'll be ready in time for tomorrow. So i'd rather run it through my quad core PC which should be a lot faster...

    So does anyone know what would happen if I cancelled the disk clone?

    I don't want to knacker up either HDD as one is a friends, if they were both mine I wouldn't worry about it and would just hit cancel and deal with any possible probs, but I've seen some posts where the HDD space reserved for the files isn't released after cancelling the clone, making it a pain to add further files.

    Any help/advice would be most appreciated, thanks

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    Not too worry, my mate rang me up and he said it was ok to do, it finishes the one its on and then i moved it over to my pc, no problems thanks anyways.


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