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Thread: Bootmii as boot 2 versus ios ??

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    Bootmii as boot 2 versus ios ??

    Just wonder when installing bootmii on a wii, why is it that some units can allow the use use off boot 2 and some as an ios, managed to install mine as boot 2 which I must admitt I felt much better about what makes this the safer method and again why some units allow it as boot 2 and some dont ??
    was there a manufacture date that causes this??

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    Inorder to install bootmii as boot2, a vulnerable boot1 is needed. It indeed has something to do with the date of manufacturing, After mid 20008, Nintendo began using a patched boot1 on their consoles which prevented bootmii/boot2 from being installed. You may wonder why not make an app to downgrade boot1 but boot1 is read only and cannot be changed where as boot2 can be modified, deleted, corrupted etc.

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    Perfect exactly the info I was looking for !! appreciatte that.

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    Yes I noticed that also, but I don't like how that program with the blue background comes on right away when you 1st turn on the console. Then you have to press a and then b on the next screen to exit out of it. How do you go about eliminating that on boot up and have it go to the regular screen? I can eliminate that if I remove the sd card and then boot up, but then I would have to get my ass off the couch to do that! lol... That's one thing I like about the wii. You can shut it off and turn it back on without ever going to the console!

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