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Thread: Question about BootMii and 4.2U

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    Question about BootMii and 4.2U

    Ok, I bought my Wii back in 2006, and have since upgraded to 4.2U. Then I softmodded, and I now have Priiloader0.2, BootMii IOS, HBC1.0.6, cIOS r14, cMIOS r3, DarkWii Extended theme, etc. Should I also install BootMii as boot2, even though I have priiloader and BootMii IOS? Cause I heard that most console from before 2008 can still use boot2 hacks, but I also heard that the 4.2 update fixes boot1 so that BootMii can't be installed as boot2. Should I still install it, or am I okay with Priiloader and BootMii IOS?
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    if you CAN install bootmii as boot2 then you should do so, ALWAYS!

    Bootmii as boot2 is the best brick protection available.

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    Ok, so it won't mess up Priiloader if I install BootMii as boot2?

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    Ok, so i installed BootMii as boot2, but now when I turn the wii on, it's like a minute of black screen before i get to priiloader, and now when I try to launch BootMii IOS, it just takes me to priiloader. How do I have BootMii as boot2 along with priiloader and BootMii IOS?

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    Nevermind, i just had to set autoboot to off in BootMii's configuration. It still takes a while to boot into priiloader, but BootMii IOS is fixed. But if i did brick, would i just turn the wii on, pick BootMii IOS in priiloader and do a NAND restore for the sd card? or would I have to edit my BootMii Config and boot the wii directly into BootMii boot2? What would I change it to?

    And one more question thats slightly off topic: In Priiloader, should I enable the system menu hack "Recovery Mode (4th GC Pad UP)" i assume it will let me boot into recovery mode if i hold up on the d-pad of the gc controller in slot 4?

    and sorry for the triple post
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