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Thread: convert to gcm to iso

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    convert to gcm to iso

    hi guys...

    i have read post replys on how to convert .gcm to .iso by simply change the extension...but i tried and my wii still have errors loading the game..

    i have read some threads that there are some softwares that mount the gcm file.. and using the software.. it mount the gcm file and then it creates an .iso file.. which is then used for burning using imageburn...

    can anyone help.. on how the software that does tat this process?

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    just burn the gcm with imgburn. imgburn DOES burn gcm files as well as iso files.

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    Hey guys, i tried burning .gcm as is err uh let me rephrase that. I -bleep- phantasy star online with .gcm extension and burned it as is using latest imgburn I GO slow. 1x. Now, I can't run the game using the latest softmod guide I followed here at wiihacks, but before that I -bleep- and CAN run pop warrior within, and twin snakes and sonic adv 2 battles without problems. I noticed that this one PSO1&2 is the first time I got a .gcm, I've googled and some advised to rename it to .iso but I don't know if it would work. I'll rename another one baldur's gate.gcm into .iso and burn it and see if it would work.

    now burning a renamed BG.gcm to .iso.... post later on what happens.


    baldur's gate ran perfectly, So I decided to rename psoe1&2 to .iso. It didn't run, on whatever options I have chosen.
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