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Thread: My wii may be a cool cd holder

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    My wii may be a cool cd holder - (FIXED)

    I am 99.9% sure my wii is bricked to the point of no return.

    I was running 4.1U with cIOScorp and bootmii.

    My HBC was upside down and i wanted to fix it.

    I tried to launch hackmii to uninstall and reinstall the HBC but it gave me a error no vulnerable IOS found, can not install.

    I decided i was going to just make my wii a virgin again and not install cIOScorp as it had given me problems and i did not like it.

    I was following this guide

    I get to step Ca and hackmii still wont boot so i read this guide

    I already have the HBC installed with a wad manager and IOS249. So i use NUS Downloader to get all the wads that are in the guide and use the wad manager i have in my upside down HBC to install them all with no errors.

    when the wad manager exited it went back to my HCB and it was right side up again. I exited the HBC and my tv went black i let it sit for a while but nothing happened so i power cycled my wii.

    Now when i turn on my wii my cd drive flashes once then twice real fast it will take and eject disks, but it is not outputting any video. Holding down my reset button and turning it on yields the same results.

    I do have a NAND backup.

    So what do you guys think? Is my wii a brick?
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    Bootmii may have been installed as boot2, If the drive flashes twice really fast when powering on that means bootmii was installed as boot2, place your nand backup and the bootmii folder with the three needed files onto the root of your sd card. Then insert your sd card before turning your wii and it should load bootmii. Go to the icon with the gears and restore NAND.

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    Sir, you are a god. I had forgot i renamed my bootmii folder on my sdcard. now when you say 3 needed files what are the 3 files? i only have 2 keys.bin and nand.bin

    thank you for the quick reply

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    The Three files are inside the bootmii folder.

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    oh, ok thank you. I am running the restore right now. I cant tell you how happy you have just made me.


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