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Thread: what firmware

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    what firmware

    i recently bought a flashed xbox360 on ebay, is there anyway of finding out which firmware it has? i asked the seller but he hasnt contacted me yet.

    i have burned and played ufc and need for speed shift on it if this helps.

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    just checked there now and ufc and shift didnt work, but resident evil 5 and saints row 2 did.

    does that mean its not the latest firmware?

    its a liteon drive can it be updated again to the latest??

    anyone know where i can get it done???


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    Yes you can update to firmware 1.61 that would be the latest. and should have no problems running those games.

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    if you have no plain in playing on live or the console is already banned you can just patch your games to wave 2 and they will work with no need to reflash. you can google 360wave patcher. you will need to get the latest updates to play patched games. this is easy you can just go rent an original copy of left 4 dead 2 and take the update when you first go to play the game or you came go to m$ website and and download the update and put it on a flash drive or burn it to a disk. sounds like you have 1.5 installed. 1.5 plays wave 2 games. the newest is 1.61 it will play all new waves with is wave 5. i suggest 1.6 non-stealth as it is the last firmware yo will ever need for a non live box. you can check over at xbox scene if you want to pay somebody to reflash but i would just patch.

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    its ok now sold it on ebay lol.

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    I'm impressed, xbox's are hard to sell on ebay these days. There's just so many of them

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    i got 120 for it and it was banned too.

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    not too bad I suppose, there's just a truckload of those banned boxes floating around.

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    yup, too many in fact! I wouldn't mind selling mine, just no one wants them

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    The most you can hope for is selling the drive to somebody who's died.


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