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Thread: new wii wont choose language

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    Angry new wii wont choose language

    i got a brand new wii and it wont allow me to choose the language. its really making me mad that i spent $200 and the thing wont work.

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    Did you try turning it on? That typically helps. Also make sure it's plugged in.

    So anyways, we need more info. Saying something doesn't work won't help us. Help us Help you!

    Does it give you an error of some sort?

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    no errors, no nothing. and yes it is plugged in and turned on...

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    Dumb question... but are the Wii remotes charged somewhat? Perhaps your sensor bar is messed up? Or maybe it's not plugged in :P

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    Is the wiimote synced to the wii? Do you have a hand and can move it around the screen? You point it at the screen, and click with the hand and the A button. What exactly is it doing?
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    there shouldnt be anything wrong with it. i just took it out of the box last night.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bubbabub View Post
    there shouldnt be anything wrong with it. i just took it out of the box last night.

    Future reference. Shit happens. I've had a Wii completely not work out of the box. We needs moar infos! Give us in detail from the moment you turn your Wii on, what all happens?

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    Thumbs up

    finally got it to work. the sensor bar wasnt plugged in all the way. thanks guys!!

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    Glad we could help.


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