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Thread: SD card doesnt work

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    SD card doesnt work

    Hey all,
    I have softmodded 2 wiis till now with the Sandisk 2 gb SD card.
    But i'm doing another wii now.
    But at the begin when i insert my SD card and when go to data management channels then SD card, it doesnt says load boot.elf.

    IF any1 has thsi stupid problem like me xD
    It was so stupid it didnt load boot.elf because it was a 4.2 version of the wii xD
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    Ok so what is different about this wii? eliminate the usuall suspects;
    no gamecube controllers or memory cards plugged in
    sd card formatted to fat32 with only the files from the pack on it
    recheck the directory structure of the sd card
    make sure the sd card is not in the locked position

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    I've had this issue on a new 4.2 unit. It freezes up if I go under data management, so instead I clicked on sd card from the main beginning window and it allowed me to access it. Some SD cards are slow also. My worst experience is with PNY. I got it to work, but it was so slow........ I'll never get that brand again. The newer version wii's for some reason makes the sd card freeze up if selecting sd channels from the data management.

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    I'm having the same problem but my system is an earlier version from 2006. "The device inserted in the SD Card Slot can't be used." Tried everything to get the SD 4G memcard to read with no luck at all. Can a 4G card be used for softmoding?

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    Older firmware cannot use SDHC cards. That is why I always buy the 2gb cards and those are standard sd cards. You can update it to 4.2 or you might have a crappy sd card

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    sd card devise not recognised? READ THIS

    Use a 2gb sd cards older versions of firmware cannot read 4gb+ I had same problem I used 2gb card and hay presto


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