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Thread: DriveKey original game problems?

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    DriveKey original game problems?


    Ive just got round to installing a DriveKey i bought 3 weeks ago, all went well and i was able to play my backup games with the exception of Super Mario Bros.

    However the original games initially played ok but then i get an error message 'error unable to read disk etc' this happens with all the original games.
    My Wii is PAL and purchased on day of release in the UK, serial LEH10426982.

    Im new to all this and im slightly baffled!!!!

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    Well if you were ever able to play backups at all, we can eliminate the d3-2 chip as a factor. If you have system menu version 4.2, you won't be able to play ntsc games. If your system menu version is less than 4.1 and you have no softmod, you are probably missing ios files. If the games start then error it is likely dirt or scratches on disk or bad burning techiques.

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    Thanks for your reply, if slightly confusing.
    All backups play fine, all the originals start playing but then stop with an error message, all games are pal.
    I have only ever used the drivekey and not used/attempted any other form of mod.
    I assume the chip is ok as it plays all the backups, but why it won't play the originals is a mystery!

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    I have the same problem, but I have a yellow sticker drivekey. I have replaced the mainboard from the drive, because it was a D3-2. I think now its a d2c or d2e. All backups play fine, but originals won't.

    Pleas help!!

    Thank you guys.


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    I replaced my DVD drive and it works fine with original games now! Drivekey works a treat, try another drive if you can as it might have been damaged during the drivekey fitting?


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