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Thread: Major Help Needed

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    Major Help Needed

    Ok, I got a Wii with a Wii-Clip Pre-soldered modchip from a while back. At first, it was working perfectly. As time passed on, the success of it working was fluctuating, and now, its barely working. Not even the legit CD's are working all of the time now. Is this a problem with the lens, a problem with the modchip, or something else random? Is there any IRC or anything for this forum so I can find out how to fix this?

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    if the condition of your dvd games are in good condition and clean.....

    you can remove the clip and see if the originals still give you DRE's

    if it's ok.... put the clip back on properly and evenly...and see what happens...

    if with the clip removed and the great condition originals still get DRE's.... then maybe laser.

    tweak it 30-50 ohms less...should be good to go...maybe

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