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Thread: What should be my first steps?

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    Us What should be my first steps?

    I just bought a wii and haven't hooked it up yet. My goal is to play my backup Wii games from my external usb hard drive. In the future I may want to play super nintendo, nintendo 64, etc... Please tell me what my first steps should be to set it up. Please only answer if you have already setup a Wii.

    Merry Christmas Fellas,


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    Seeing as how it's Christmas... Don't accept any updates from nintendo. When you connect to the internet it will ask you to update, say no. Also turn connect24 off in your wii settings. After that, use the guide by dogeggs here:

    to softmod your wii. After that, use the usb loading link in my signature to load from usb.

    In return, for my Christmas present, you can become a master searcher on this site and never ever ask any questions about the New Super Mario game. Merry Christmas.

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    Yup that 3.1-4.1 tut is great, and i reccomend u get the Priiloader, it will protect u from small bricks and disable disc updates.

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    Merry Christmas!!!


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