Smackdown! vs Raw 2008(Wii)
Controls: 6.5
Gameplay: 4.0
Graphics : 3.5
Music : 7.0
Content : 0.5
Smackdown vs Raw 2008 was supposed to revolutionize wrestling games forever. BUT, the Wii version seems to be taking a step BACK from the design, possibly being WORSE than WWF Wrestlemania 2000, which is old as bricks, considering it was inferior to WWF No Mercy, and it was for the N64, two generations BEHIND the Wii! Being a wrestling fan, AND a Nintendo Gamer has never been this hard.

It's smooth and all, but the whole motion control crap really pisses me off. And what's worse is to counter, you need to do the EXACT SAME MOVE your opponent did, which is hard because it's an integrated computer...and you're a human. So, basically, you can either land 3 punches and bust your opponent wide open, or just let them beat the piss out of you. Seriously, in this game, you shake the wiimote in 4 directions to punch, while combo'ing them to perform variations to hit. To Quick Grapple, you hold the 'A' button and swing, which seems simple enough, and to lock your opponent into a Strong Grapple, you hold 'B' and unleash the beast by swinging in 4 directions aswell. To perform a signature, get your opponent's health to Yellow and kill. To perform a FINISHER, get your opponent's health to RED and kill. But, here's the confusion, because, you can just pick your opponent up and repeatedly do your finisher until your satisfied, so you don't have to work to gain momentum! WHAT THE HELL!? And what REALLY sucks is you can only use the wiimote and nunchuk, so you have to buy MORE acessories just to play with friends. *Sigh*

The gameplay is Smackdown vs Raw 2008 Wii is depressingly dull for a game that emulates the epic atmosphere of something like wrestling. Basically, all you do is punch your opponent, climb the turnbuckle, dive, lower your opponent's health, and do your finisher 500 times. The only satisfying part of actually playing a match is probably making your opponents bleed. But then again the satisfaction level is low because it only takes 4 hits to do. There is no extra moves you can pull off, or surprise grapple areas, NO, it's just, attack, grapple, mount, finisher, hoorah. Even the Story Mode is boring as all hell as you just play match and match and match. In this game, you can't even defend titles in the Exhibition mode. That's fun, right? Nope.

The graphics in this game are HORRIBLE. It's playing an interactive youtube video of some kid using his custom WWE plastic models, because that's all the wrestlers look like. Plastic pieces of CRAP! And created superstars look like utter SHIT. Your wrestler is made of polygons and edgy cell-shades, so you may as well just cut out a picture of you as a luchador and paste it on the TV screen. Your friends probably can't see it because your infront of them, swinging the wiimote like an idiota, as if punching an air-robber. The wrestlers look like flesh in Day of Reckoning 2, why wouldn't it work on a much better graphics card?

MUSIC: 7.0
The music in this game is the ONLY thing that is the same as the 360 and PS3 versions. Although pretty much all of it is hard rock about making it to the top, or never giving up, it's some good stuff to search on Limewire and add to your iPod/Zune/Shitty 1GB MP3 player you bought at Walgreens.

Content: 0.5
This game is lacking in content. Content to me is the core of a game, and when the core is lacking, everything else falls apart. The game is a realy dirty stick compared to the swords of games the PS3 and 360 got. 24/7 mode...Create-a-Stable & Create-a-Entrance..good stuff. But, like I said, Wii comes up short. You have Main Event Mode, which is your 24/7 Career Mode. You just play 300k matches until Wrestlemania, then you win and become a permanent champ. And you can't even make stables. You either use your imagination, or go through each WWE superstar on the roster and press Z to look for someone in a stable with them. And you can't even make a decent entrance. You just go into your Moveset creater, and find three packs, a Motion Pack, a Song, and a Video. What sucks even worse is you can't even preview the motions, song, or even the video, you have to go into a match just to see it. And, there are only 5 match types, One-on-One, Triple Threat, Tag Team, Hardcore, and K.O matches. Yeah, remember Stone Cold and The Rock duking it out in a K.O match? Nope, I remember Last Man Standing. Oh yeah, and the game has 'unlockables'. All you have to do is play through the trash career mode, and play through each arena, and wrestle each of the unlockable 'Legends'. So not fun.

To sum this up, Smackdown vs Raw 2008 is a failed attempt at a Wii adaptation work. Sadly, it's like making a pidgeon swim, it drowned compared to Whale Station 3 and the Fishbox 360.

Overall: 21.5/50

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