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Thread: Scrubbed disks and 4.2

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    Scrubbed disks and 4.2


    I read that the 4.2 upgrade lost the ability to play scrubbed disks.

    I'm using a Wasabi V2 and system version is 4.2.

    So far all the games I have that are scrubbed still work which confuses me.

    Any thoughts why they still work ?


    (I'm at the latest Wasabi firmware for NSMB)

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    4.2 kills the ability to play out of region discs (PAL on NTSC or NTSC on PAL), which is nothing to do with scrubbed or not.

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    Ah, thanks for confirming. Got my wires crossed.

    I only ever use PAL disks so no real loss. Pleased that scrubbed still works however.



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