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Thread: Mario Bros & Wii Sports Resort don't work..

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    Mario Bros & Wii Sports Resort don't work..

    Hi there,

    My system data:
    Wii 3.3E
    Neogamma r7
    cIOS rev 14
    Homebrew 1.0.6
    (I also have Backup Launcher 0.3 Gamma, but I don't have to use that one anymore since I have Neogamma)

    I did get Wii Fit plus, mario bros and wii sports resort, but they all didn't work.. Then I went to youtube to see how I could get mario bros working.. I installed neogamma r7 and cios rev 14.. On the video they said that it should work by now, but mario bros still wouldn't work.. Then I tried sports resort and this one also didn't work.. But wii fit plus is now the only one working
    Now can someone tell me why the other 2 will not work? Am I doing something wrong? Or do I have to do something else?

    Grtz Smiley

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    Run a search. There are additional steps required and appropriate guides for both titles on this site. You'll find NSMB in the games section.
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    go ask whoever made the video you watched. Why should we care if you cant be assed to read the guides on this forum?

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