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    Exclamation Wii Drive Doctor Help...

    I was able to solder the 5 wires into the Wii and everything. So I got the program all set up. I just need help with hacking the wii.

    How are you sopposed to use the Wii Drive Doctor to hack games and get cheat codes like:

    Infinite Lives,

    Infinite Money,

    Like Action Replay Codes.

    Right now I'm trying to hack Super Smash Bros. Brawl with the Wii Drive Doctor. But I can't! Does anybody know how to get inifnite lives or something? I wanna beat the hard parts of the game. I heard I can add my own code to mess with the game with the Wii Drive Doctor. How do I do that?

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    Us cant help

    i get what u mean man ive had mine for 6 months and iv only been able to restart SSBM by just fooling around with the code injection. someone should make a video on youtube showing different techniques. havent tried it on brawl yet tho

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    is that how they got diofferent move sets on different characters?? i always wondered that heres a vid: [ame=]YouTube - "Longchu" pikachu w/ ganondorfs moveset[/ame]
    Brawl Code:0001-2983-9417

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    that code looks like its probly a gameshark or actionreplay code

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    if that code has anything to do with the pikachu on the video

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