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Thread: SDHC read error

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    SDHC read error

    I just finished the soft mod on my 4.2 Wii. It would not run DVD discs. It would not run an 8gb SDHC card in the SD card reader on the Wii. I used SDFormatter V2.0 and then WBFS to load a game onto the card. I was able to use it in a card reader and insert it into the USB port on the Wii. The game plays fine. I wanted to see if I had any space left on the card and the Windows Explorer can't read the card. The WBFS program can't read it either. Is there something I am not doing right. I just want to see if there is any more space on the card. Is there a special way that I was supposed to setup the card using WBFS? Is there any clear directions on how to use the WBFS program on a SDHC card? If I set up a single game on a SDHC card, does that mean that I can't put any more games on that SDHC card no matter how big the card is?
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