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Thread: WiiWare FFIV - The after years

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    WiiWare FFIV - The after years

    Hello to everyone, its my first review and im gonna take a shot at FFIV - the after years and all it's DLC.


    well pretty basic , you hold your Wii remote ''A la Nintendo 8-bit'' style ( in both hand just like youre old nintendo indestructible pad )

    A button Status Screen / in battle Accept ''Band''
    2 action
    1 cancel / Run on field by holding it
    control pad - move around
    B button is use to flee from battle by holding it

    Easy to understand , yet nothing spectacular ( but hey , its just doin' its job) so 7/10

    Same ATB from Final Fantasy IV, your action gauge fill up , then you get your turn. Casting spell and using various techniques each take his own charging time to be cast/executed, and IMO have been refined from it old ffiv snes version. 2 new addition to the game have been made, the Lunar cycle and the ''Band'' system. The lunar cycle influence the power of 4 thing : attack power , Black magick power , White Magick power and Skill Power ( Like Kain Jump ability). Ex: on as full Moon , normal attack deal -50% or so dmg, and black magick is up 50%. In some dongeon , its also influence meeting stronger/rare ennemies. Now the Band system. Reminded me of dual and triple tech in chrono trigger. You can used special and unique technique with 2 or more characters. In most case , youre gonna have to ''unlock them'' in using Research Band, while in combat, with 2 or more characters in your party and selecting attack, magic or his/her skill if a band can be created.
    Ho...and 2 spoonfull of new characters.



    Well...thats where some gonna hit a stump, its a old school SNES 16-bit RPG, you cant expect much from that, but for those who are looking for a sweet nostalgia feeling , with brighter and shinier location and battle screen, here you are! But im sure some will not past that 16-bit graphic barrier.

    so ...5/10
    All music from Nobuo Uematsu of FFIV , still great music to the ear but nothing new, maybe aside from rememoring sweet moment when Edge deliver the final blow to Rubicante or battling undead on Mt. Ordeals 8/10


    Nicely Done! A Good sequel IMO, with various Story to complete , from the characters of FFIV, which give more depth to the main story. the main story itself is somewhat acceptable.


    In Conclusion :

    All around 6.75/10

    Final Fantasy IV - The after years , is a average game , but is gonna appeal a lot more for those who have played FFIV on their old SNES, but its still a good and new addition to all hardcore RPG fans.

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    Nice review.

    Still been meaning to finish it but I've been lazy.

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    hahaha Favs!

    If the lazyness wear off , go give a try at Edge story. Kinda got me rolling back in it after 2 weeks of playing The Last Remnant. aahh good ol' Square, keeping me from having a life for almost 15 years haha
    and Merry X-mas to all!

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    I think you may have underrated this in my opinion. The Nostalgia factor is crazy, plus all the other character's story lines can make it a more than 40 hour game! I greatly enjoyed this game it just had the perfect feel, and I really like how the storyline and gameplay played out.


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