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Thread: Werid Wii Problems..Need Help

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    Us Werid Wii Problems..Need Help

    Hey guys... I just softmodded my Wii LU72 (preloaded with 4.1u) everything installed well as per the wonderfull guides here.. Attempted to play a backup which i found out this model wii blocks backups via DVDr ..(which is fine) USB supposed to work tho .. My problem is this.. After installing the mod.. and the NeoGamma at least worked (not played the games) I install cios 10 (via network download) it installed perfect but when attempting to try to start the NeoGamma up, it took me to a black screen(which didnt happen before) .. So I swithed off the wii and in a attemp to restart from the light being red.. it just changed to yellow.. so i hit the power on again and the Wii fired up (Werid). I poped in a purchased game I had It plays fine, and getting to the HB channelI can do also with no problem .. I tried this a couple times with the retail games still no problems.. But the Neogamma still takes me to a black screen (which I will removes soon) and attempting to run WadManager 1.4 which ive been using it doesnt work anymore either.. When clicking on SD card it freezes up ... Is there a way to reverse the install od cios 10 ... or something else I can do

    Any replies would be helpfully.. And thank you for your time

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    cios 10? Are you talking about cIOS38rev10? That ones a bit outdated. Use the cIOS38rev14 installer package, which will overwrite your current cIOS, and make sure when loading via usb you're setting error002 fix ON.
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    Thanx for your reply ...

    I tried loading cIOS38rev14 threw homebrew.. and it locks up accessing the SD card .. I dunno why cause it reads the card when accessig the homebrew page to even get to the stuff on the card which is strange.. I didnt make a backup of the nand before i did anything .. You think restoring and starting from scratch might be a option


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