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Thread: noob help: optimal file system and loader, scrubbed, etc.., i have ideas, not sure

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    noob help: optimal file system and loader, scrubbed, etc.., i have ideas, not sure

    I got the wii wrapped up and under the xmas tree and love to plan ahead.
    I want to get the experience as simple and close to ps2 as possible to not confuse my kids.
    I see some games can be shrunk/scrubbed to a much smaller size. The iso still stays the full size, it just compresses better.
    How can I have a permanently shrunk file , wbfs? and if so how do go about making them?
    and on that note, which file system is best? i prefer ntfs but I know its only writeable under windows. I have no problem connecting the hdd
    to my pc to add stuff, even when ripping retails if possible.
    And I believe some apps/wads can be run off a drive, so im going to guess a few 100mb or so of fat32 will cover that?

    So far im leaning towards configurable usb loader and usb loader gx.
    I believe I read configurable does iso off ntfs, but the iso would be full size, correct?
    I liked usb loader gx in a vid tutorial because it had the auto cover downloading and what not..

    and I read about loadstructor which i may want to put a few entries in on the kids most common choices.

    i just wanna make sure my terminology is good. apps would be wads, so can you make the wii auto load a wad like configurable usb loader?

    and neo gamma still good for loading retail and backups, correct?

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    most if not all the info you will need is in the FAQs and turtorial section of this website.


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