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Thread: What to do next?

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    Smile What to do next?

    Okay.. so I am a noobie here.. so first of all, I want to appologize for any stupid questions. I've spend hours (like most of us here) searching for an answer,with no luck. I'm am hoping for a final answer as to what I'm supposed to do.

    I've got a soderless D2Cpro chip installed. It's great, but as most of us know, it doesn't work on all games. All of my games load correctly when viewing the channel line up, but when I go to push start while inside the disc channel, some of them go to a black screen and freezes up the wii.

    After doing some "reading up" in the softmod section, it appears to me that
    the wii is lacking some "ios" files.

    So the first problem that I'm encourtering is that I am unsure how to obtain these missing ios files. (I am running 3.3U). All of my iso files are patched already.

    To make my backups, I use this method:

    1. Pop game into LG drive and rip iso image using rawdump.
    2. Patch the game using wiibrickblocker
    3. Burn Iso image onto blank dvd using nero image burn.

    Since I got into the process of patching all of the games, I think I may have stripped the necessary ios files off of my games. A couple of other tutorials I have read say to use wiiscrubber and IOS patcher, but I've haven't had any luck. In the tutorial it says that I should be able to see which ios the game uses, but I haven't seen this so far.

    The next attempt at solving these issues was to try NUS Downloader (assuming someone else was nice enough to post which IOS and which version is appropriate for that particular game). In fear of bricking my wii, I opted to not play around with that feature that much. I don't mind installing these wad's via the wad manager, but is there any way I can get more info on the correct ios files? (one's that aren't already posted in another post and for my correct firmware version-- such as Dirt 2 or All Star Cheer 2).

    A bunch of the softmodding instructions make sense in theory, but I am not sure if it applies to us that have our wii's hardmodded. There are backup loaders that I'm am not sure if we need or not since our drives can already read the burned discs.

    I don't mind softmodding my wii. I've already got HBC installed with Wad Manager. I just need some guidance as to what I need to do next.

    Is it just a general rule that any of these newer games are going to be loaded via a backup loader (softmod) and all of the older games are to be used regularly with the chip installed?

    If softmodding needs to be incorporated, what is the recommened process / steps / programs to getting the games to work?

    Everyone seems to be against updating to 4.2, but is that the only way to update all of the newest IOS files?

    Sorry for so many questions.. I am just stuck with a bunch of newer games that will not load and a practically useless modchip.

    For anyone out there that has all of this figured out, I would greatly appreciate any help. Thanks in advance.

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    Hi the way i've done it is to use waniko's safe updater. This only updates the sensable bits.

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    Thanks grooster for the comment.
    Since my last post, this is what I have done:

    I followed the New 3.1-4.1 Softmod for ANY Wii This worked fantasically, but left my wii without the necessary IOS56-64-5146. I downloaded NUS downloader and packed this IOS into a wad. I installed the wad via wadmanager.

    Now.. everything works perfectly.

    I will say that the NeoGamma disc loader isn't necessary for us since the chips are in place, but it isn't a bad idea to install it in case the chip ever fails. I hope this helps anyone who is in the same boat as I was.

    Cheers. Happy New Year.

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    Did a very similar thing and it worked great. Started using wiiflow usb loader and that was fine until i tried it with the newer games. rabbids go home and avatar. then had to load the cios v 14 and use the neogammer beta7 (newest one) with usb loader to get these to work. only problem i've got now is that after playing avatar for a while it freezes. might need to look at v 16 cios.

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    Hmm.. that's kind of weird. I don't use the neogamma backup loader, I just use the regular disc channel. There may have been some ios files that the tutorial suggests installing that you may not have?

    I haven't had any problems with Rabbids Go Home or Avatar.

    Perhaps you should look up which IOS they use, pack it as a wad after downloading it via NUS Downloader, and then install it via wad manager.

    After all of this soft mod stuff, I still use my wii like a normal person would. Just load everything up via the disc channel and it works great (so far.. keeping my fingers crossed... LOL)

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    hey eboss; ive got a d2cpro chip (gw 601) and i cant get nsmb to work... i was wondering whether you had any luck in that area?

    i cant get the bloody wii to read the disc, neither through the disc channel nor throug neogamma :S


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