Ok i have recently soft modded my first wii, i had done it to another before but this one is being quite difficult. When i originally was getting NeoGamma to work i had to delete the iso 249 (since i am on 4.2 like a retard) and put on the other cIOS. Now my NeoGamma keeps giving me errors and will not play any of my burnt games, but can play regular games. I have tried NeoGamma R6-R8 all with cIOS Rev 10-15 with no luck at all i just keep getting the error message 1022 1020 979 i think on the last one depending on the version of NeoGamma i use. As for DVDs i tried Verbatim +R and memorex -R but still want to try Verbatim -R but Target was out. I only get the errors with the +R but the memorex just does not even register so i assume they are just bum disks for the Wii. I just cant figure it out if anyone could offer help it would be most appreciated also should i just get a mod chip if all else fails. Thank You So Much!!!