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    Wii History

    You know how the Wii keeps track of what you play? When I go to play my PAL games through any backup loader in homebrew it says I was on the Homebrew Channel for X amount of time everytime I play through it. It just bothers me. I had to send my wii in as lightning struck it and it would not play in 480i and I restored the thing so there was no evidence. Got a new wii back months ago. Is there a way so it doesn't put my play time in the wii history? Im just nitpicky that way as it bothers me.

    I have cioscorp and priiloader installed which are worthless to me since they can't play PAL games through the disc channel on 4.2.

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    Is there a way

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    DO NOT bump threads in the same day or second day as you posted them. Give it at least a few days for an answer. This is a huge NO NO!

    Someone will be along who has the answer be patient.

    Thankfully it's christmas eve, so you don't get an infraction :P be more mindful of the rules.
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