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Thread: ? Hermes cios 222

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    ? Hermes cios 222

    installed usb loader gx as channel using wad file.
    using 4.2U so far it has run my games without a problem
    even games couldnt get to run from the dic drive with neogamma
    Question is shoul i run the Hermes cios 222 ? what would i gain by installing this and what if anything would i loose or risk from my reading it supposed to help with usb loaders?

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    if you use usb stuff like a mic it's useful otherwise it's not necessary

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    Yea hermes ios222 is basically for usb HDD games that use usb as well. Since IOS249 cant support the 2nd usb port being used (when the first one is used by HDD), hermes ios222 fixes that by allowing you to run games off the HDD and still be able to use the 2nd usb port for rockband titles for example.
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