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Thread: what is your guys method for soldering to the ic legs?

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    what is your guys method for soldering to the ic legs?

    I have been practicing how to solder the ic legs on an old dvd drive board the chip is the same size as the one on the wii. I flux my iron tip, then tin my iron, I flux my wire, and then tin wires, then I will clean my tip again, tinning, but using an extra wire to get the excess solder off the tip. I am using a radio shack iron 15-30 watt iron with a regular tip can't find a small tip for it. I clean the board with alcohol. I have tried flux the ic leg and not doing it and think it is better with this small of a part not to flux the ic leg. I have tried using the maginfying glass and tried without. I don't tin the tip when doing ic legs just the wire because such a small point, but the point where the wires are next to each other on the ic legs I am finding near impossible to solder without bridging with the tools I have. Do you think this would be way easier if I had a smaller tip or should I be able to do it with a regular tip?

    As well where can I purchase tip replacements for my soldering iron or buy an inexpensive soldering iron, with a precise tip and low wattage.

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    no one has a method they use for the ic legs that they can share that works for them or where to get small solder tips or cheap soldering irons with small tip, and low wattage irons.

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    I strip equal lengths of wire, line them up and use a multi-lead method to solder 4-5 wire at once

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    Do you know what stores carry solder iron tips that are as small as I need for this job .05 mm correct? Or where I can buy an inexpensive soldering iron with small tip, low wattage. I have 3 soldering irons, a 30 watt, cold heat they suck, and a dual heat one from radio shack 15 watt to 30 watt, I use it on the 15 watt setting. However I only have a normal tip and think I could do this job if I had the proper tip.

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    Maddog75 i have the exact same issue as you and i too have the axact same soldiering iron from radio shack i have spent 5 hours today trying to get the leads 9 and 10 to not stick together or when i get one on i cant get it on enough to actually hold or when i think i got number 9 lead i go for 10 and hit 9 and melt it off. Its a huge pain in the arse. It looks like spyman is actually making a drip of soldier at the end of each lead maybe i will try this out. I dont understand what spyman means by using the multi-lead method to solder 4-5 wire at once. Can you inlighting me on what your talking about i cant even get 2 wires to co-operate.

    Should i not be using copper solid wires? yours wires dont look copper
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    You are not really need a small soldering because you can not tin the IC leg, it will brigde. You can only tin the wire (with flux for better contact). Also, you really don't need such as microtip iron because you can't point top of the tip to the wire anyway. Don't think that you can do like the pro in video. It is much much harder. You can't tell if they are shot (just little) if you don't have electromagnify glass. The regular mag. glass just tell you from the surface but won't show the detail at the surface of board. The most easy way to do it with minimize shot it using the tape, and line wires to ic legs horizontally. You can use the twizer hold wire so it wont move. But you may have the better way ofcourse.

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    first off radio shack irons are realy bad and probably not the best for d2c can try grinding the tip down and using a tip tinner after grinding but its recommended you get a proper soldering iron. personally i prefer weller and they have some very fine tips. I just tin the stripped wire and dip it in some flux. Then line up the wire on to the ic leg and heat the wire and run the iron up and down the leg to make sure the solder flows. once that is done a gentle tug and wiggle to make sure connection is solid.. i find tweezers to be harder to work with..


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