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Thread: ios probs. have tried suggestions. no joy yet

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    ios probs. have tried suggestions. no joy yet

    when i load the sd card it asks me to load boot.elf which i do. next it tells me to press 1, ok the next screen says
    hackmii installer v0.6
    this installer can NOT continue
    there is no vulnerable ios installed on this wii
    if this is already the latest version well.... suck it.

    I don't know what to do! help

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    What Wii version are you on?
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    hi crazy i've got 3.4e the prob is i had it all working then homebrew went upside down so i tried to reinstall it and now i'm in all sorts.

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    Ok why did you start a new thread when you already have one going already here: DO NOT make multiple threads for the same question, this is your one and ONLY warning.



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