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Thread: Update 4.2

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    Update 4.2

    I searched on this but couldn't find anything really that was relevent to my problem.

    I heard about how dangerous is was to update to wii versio 4.2 awhile ago, and I asked one of my friends and he said to FIRST update your Homebrew channel, and then it's safe to update.

    So I did that ^ and after I updated I still had homebrew, bootmii, I still had EVERYTHING I had before.

    I just saw this:

    I saw the part where it said, "Q: What is with System Menu 4.2?
    A: System Menu 4.2 was the biggest update every pushed out by the big N for the Wii. I updated almost every single system file on the Wii, including the boot2. This means if you had BootMii installed and updated to 4.2 you had to reinstall it. It also got rid of the HBC."

    Now this says that you wuold have to re-install bootmii and that 4.2 got rid of the update but that's not true for me!

    VERY confused please help.
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    Well if it didnt get rid of it and everything still works, you have nothing to be concerned about.

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    If it works for you then why bother. This post is fail.....



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