ok, im quite new to wii hacking but have played with xboxes for a while, ive had my wii softmodded for a few months but just started to use it again, all the games i burned (on verb dvd-r) a few month ago work fine (on neogamma 6+7, tried both) as well a few new ones, but for the life of me i cant get alot of new ones i burn to work (also burned on the same speed (2x 3x 4x) on the verbs) im on 3.2e, and keep getting timeouts form neogamma, all the games that dont work say timeout, nothing else, also the drive makes a strange noise with all these discs before timing out, please please please help im at my wits end. got ios38, 53 + 55 installed

these games work-
mario kart
shaun white
hells kitchen
happy potter hb prince

dont work-
super smash bros brawl
hasbro family night 2
im a celebrity
cake mania in the mix

ps my girlfriend plays more than me (mainly concerned bout ssbb)