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Thread: playing backup gamecube games on wii 4.2

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    playing backup gamecube games on wii 4.2

    hi guys, i was wondering how can you play backups of gamecube games on the wii. i looked through the tutorials but i couldnt find any. if you know how can u tell me or give me the link to tutorial thnx

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    can someone answer please im wondring the same

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    Gamecube on Wii 4.2

    I was wondering if there are any Gamecube loaders for the Wii yet. I have a new Wii (4.2) and haven't tried backup discs yet. I'm afraid I have the D3-2 motherboard (Or whatever its called) that prevents me from playing backup discs.

    Thanks in advance, this site it the cats milk!


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